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French Nail Designs Fall 2021

Coming from the United States, the French manicure is an elegant method of making up nails, which involves applying a nude-colored varnish and highlighting the end of the nail with a white color. The goal ? Obtain a rendering that is both simple and sophisticated. Currently, this highly modernized method is enjoying a new wave of success, as can be seen on the social network Instagram. Two-tone, decorated, crossed or even reversed: the French manicure has obviously not finished evolving!

French manicure: the new trends 2021

The French manicure has been around for several decades. Therefore, most beauty institutes or nail salons offer this type of service. For a perfect and lasting result, it is preferable to opt for the UV gel or semi-permanent varnish method at a professional. However, it is totally possible to make a French directly at home. To do this, you simply need the right tools: a nail file, a transparent base, a nude varnish, an opaque white varnish (special French), a top coat, as well as a corrective pen in the event of incorrect application.

For the more talented: the color schemes as well as the application of patterns and rhinestones are welcome. Several celebrities, such as the Hadid sisters, Ashley Graham, Beyoncé or even Lily-Rose Depp have succumbed to the modern French trend. And you ?

French Manicure Ideas Fall 2021

That's all you need now: just a proper load of inspiration, freshly collected from the most hype Parisian Nails Salons.

Abstract French Nails

Source: Gossipcity

2. Fading French Nails

Source: Glossup Paris

3. Transparent French Nails

Source: Institut Menesa

4. Reverse French and More

Source: Manucurist

5. Fall French Nails Style

Source: Glossup Paris

6. French Nails, but different

Source: Institue Menesa

7. French Nails with Glitters

Source: Glossup Paris

8. Pink French Nails

Source: Institut Menesa

What about you? Do you have other French Nails Ideas?

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