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French Nails Winter 2021/2022

Dernière mise à jour : 23 oct. 2021

This summer was undeniably colorful. In recent months, Instagram feeds have been showing a plethora of french nails in vitamin trends. Between the Abstract French manicure - which consists of decorating each nail with irregular patterns like an abstract painting - or the animal print that has invaded French nail art, we did not know where to turn. This fall-winter, we keep the same spirit by opting this time for warmer shades without skipping the basics like the timeless nude nail polish.

Fall Winter 2021-2022 French Nails Colors

There is no question of going by half this season again. How to choose the right french nail polish? We play with contrasts and step out of our comfort zone. The colors of this winter season will be “warm and deep”. The experts evoke red nuances of course but also chocolate browns and even the return of luminous purple manicures.


To find out about the next trendy French manicures, there's nothing better than a quick look on Instagram. Among celebrities, extravagant manicures are on the rise. A phenomenon that we also saw on the Fashion Week catwalks where the false nails were at the rendezvous. Rest assured, this season, more than ever, contrasts are the order of the day. If you are not part of the griffes team, you can very well bet on the new versions of the French manicure. In mini or inverted format, this timeless trend is renewed and intends to triumph this winter. The same goes for the French matte nails manicure. On the return of gray days, we let ourselves be tempted by darker tones and we swap our shiny manicures for a matte finish.

Discover our selection of trendy French nail colors for fall-winter 2021-2022. When French brands are not available in your country, I look for the closest color in another brand.

Get Rid-of-Thym Blues - O.P.I


Prey, Jessica


Rose Kaolin - Cirque Colors


Capuccino - My Gel by Mylee


Funny Bunny - O.P.I


Liquorice - Manucurist


Night Birds - Dior


Burgundy - Color Hit, Sephora Collection


French Rose - Kultur Bazaar


Right as Rain - O.P.I


Rouge Brun - Chanel

Source: Elle Magazine France - Oct.2021.

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